Nobel 2009 : cotele scriitorilor
23 septembrie 2009

Articolul aparut în la république des livres indica sursele care pot fi vizitate pentru a fi la curent cu numele scriitorilor angrenati în cursa pentru obtinerea Premilui Nobel : Ladbrokes, Harrow (aflat în apropierea Londrei, unde se pariaza oricând pe orice) si The Literary Saloon. În 2008, The Literary Saloon reaminteste faptul ca laureatul, J.M. Le Clézio, a pornit de la 14 la 1 si a încheiat cu 2 la 1. Anul acesta, favorit este israelianul Amos Oz cu cota de 4 la 1.

Iata tabloul prezentat de articol :

Amos Oz  4/1

Assia Djebar  5/1

Luis Goytisola  6/1

Joyce Carol Oates, Philip Roth 7/1

Adonis  8/1

Antonio Tabucchi, Claudio Magris, Haruki Murakami, Thomas Pynchon  9/1

Thomas Transtromer  12/1

Arno Lustig, Atiq Rahimi, Don DeLillo, Ko Un, Les Murray, Mario Vargas LLosa, Yves Bonnefoy 16/1

Cees Nooteboom, Peter Handke  20/1

Alice Munro, Bob Dylan, Juan Marse, Margaret Atwood, Ngugi wa Thiongo 25/1

A.B. Yehoshua  40/1

A.S. Byatt, Bei Dao, Carlos Fuentes, Chinua Achebe, Gitta Sereny,
Herta Műller, Mahasweta Devi, Michael Ondaatje, Milan Kundera, Vassilis Aleksakis  50/1

Adam Zagajewski, E.L. Doctorow, Harry Mulisch, Peter Carey, Umberto Eco   66/1

Salman Rushdie   80/1

Beryl Bainbridge, Cormac McCarthy, David Malouf, Eeva Kilpi, Ernesto Cardenal, F.Sionil Jose, John Banville, Ian MacEwan, Julian Barnes, Kjell Askildsen, Marge Piercy, Mary Gordon, Maya Angelou, Michel Tournier, Patrick Modiano, Paul Auster, Rosalind Belben 100/1

William Gass     100/1

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Nobel 2010 - în ultima zi de cotare
6 octobrie 2010

Prezentarea ultimelor cotari din preziua anuntarii laureatului (sursa acestora fiind ladbrokes.com) pe site-ul The Literary Saloon.com

World Literature Forum
The Nobel Prize in Literature - one last day of speculation

6 October 2010 

The Nobel Prize in Literature will be announced tomorrow (13:00 CET, 11:00 GMT), leaving one last day for frantic speculation. It should be fun.
        [I'll post updates here throughout the day, if/when there's anything to report on.]

        (Updated - 1): Early afternoon GMT finds at least one last-minute surprise: Ladbrokes have added Péter Nádas to their list -- and at 9/1 odds, no less ! (I ask you however: another eastern European author (and one with a strong German connection at that) so recently after Kertész and Müller ? I think not.)
        As expected,
McCarthy goes into the final hours as the betting-favorite (but Ngugi remains on his heels); no big movement (yet) among the other lurkers.

        (Updated - 2): No sooner do I mention Nádas than he's already falling fast -- down to 14/1. But there's something a bit fishy about the yo-yoing of some of these odds: yes, Néstor Amarilla is now where he belongs -- bottom of the heap, at 150/1 (along with poor, not-taken-seriously Yevgeny) -- but it's tough for odds to fall so fast if any money was bet on him -- and, since he rose so quickly and high, there must have been some action on him ..... (Note also that equally unlikely candidate Ulrich Holbein is back up to 25/1.)
        Meanwhile, it's interesting to hear that, as reported by Katie Allen at
The Bookseller, Booker betting halted as C out in front, as: "Betting agency Ladbrokes has halted betting on the winner of this year's Man Booker Prize after a proliferation of punts on Tom McCarthy's C". Apparently the bigger action is still in the purely domestic market. Possibly also the bigger leak .....

        (Updated - 3): Late evening, GMT, and with betting soon to close there hasn't been a great deal of movement on the Ladbrokes list:
Cormac McCarthy should finish as the betting-favorite, despite a last-minute slip from 5/2 to 11/4, with only Murakami (5/1, from 6/1) and Tranströmer (11/1, from 13/1) edging higher among the front-runners. (Meanwhile, Néstor Amarilla has slipped even further, down to 200/1 -- something ain't right here: if there was any money on him -- and since his name moved up and down the list with much better odds earlier, there should have been --, the odds should not be this low.)
        The lack of movement across the list suggests there was a lot of talk and not much action: it really may have been very little money that moved just a few of the candidates.
        (Yes, there's also that Unibet-list, led by
Ngugi, but with Amarilla still listed absurdly high (which makes his odds at Ladbrokes all the more baffling: anyone putting money on him would take the many-times better potential payout at Ladbrokes and wager there ...) it's still not to be taken seriously.)
        Oh, and on an amusing (to me) final note: I'm tickled to see the Literary Saloon '
featured' on Italian TV.

        Tuesday saw a decent bit of turbulence:
A few more names were added in the Ladbrokes mix, as they added Juan
Gelman (15/1), John Ashbery (25/1), and John le Carré (at 100/1)
As predicted, Cormac
McCarthy overtook Ngugi in the odds, closing at 5/2 (to Ngugi's 7/2) Tuesday night; I suspect he'll remain the betting-favorite for the (limited) duration
Wild(est) card Ulrich
Holbein briefly shot up to 5/1 before settling back down at 18/1-- he doesn't stand a chance in hell, but might be the kind of candidate that punters expect the Swedish Academy to choose
Unibet is back in the Nobel-business, as they've resurrected their list -- but with Néstor
Amarilla still installed as favorite (closely followed by Ngugi) it's hard to take too seriously. Still, bettors should compare odds on their favorites to see where they can get the better pay-off
        Previous late addition Gerald
Murnane seems to have stalled in the mid-teens -- but just in case he does win, note that Dalkey Archive Press have two of his titles in the pipeline: Barley Patch (see, for now, the Giramondo publicity page) in the fall of 2011, and Inland (see the Sydney University Press publicity page) in spring 2012 (and, yes, both can be expected earlier if he does pull off the upset).

        I still maintain that the prize is
Ngugi wa Thiong'o's (see below for most of my reasoning). In a way, I hope someone else takes it -- in large part so that I can offer you information about that author (which I would, unless it's McCarthy, in which case I can't help you -- but enough others surely will be able to).
        In any case, I'll be tuned in at 11:00 GMT tomorrow and I'll start posting shortly after that.

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